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3 Easy Car Maintenance Procedures Every Teen Driver Should Know

Dec 9, 2019

Has your teenager started driving? As parents, we want to know that our kids are safe and secure at all times, especially out on the road. That’s why it’s important to teach them some basic car maintenance when they start the important milestone of driving a vehicle. The following are some easy maintenance procedures that every teen driver should know.

There are three important factors to know when it comes to tires. They include:

  • Checking the pressure
  • Checking the tread
  • Changing a flat

Checking the tire pressure is an easy way to make sure your tires are properly inflated. This will help reduce the risk of getting a flat, in addition to maintaining better gas mileage and extending the life of your tires. Make sure your teenager knows how to use a tire pressure gauge and that they know what psi is needed for the specific tires on their vehicle.

Keeping track of the depth of your tire tread is helpful when determining whether or not they need to be replaced. Every vehicle owner should know how to inspect their tires and look for signs that the tread is getting low. Replacing tires as soon as they need it will ensure there are no emergency blowouts while driving down the road.

We all hope to never have to do it, but knowing how to change a flat tire gives you peace of mind when you’re in the driver’s seat. Teach your teen how to jack up the vehicle safely, remove the lug nuts, and take off the damaged tire. Then show them how to properly align the spare tire and replace and tighten up the lug nuts once it’s in place. This is an important skill for every driver to know.

Jump-Starting a Battery

Having a dead battery is an unpleasant experience, but knowing how to bring it back to life will alleviate some of the stress of this experience. Take some time to demonstrate the proper method for attaching jumper cables and bringing a dead battery back to life. Explain that the cables should be left in place for several minutes, depending on how dead the battery is, and that if the car still does not start it may just need a little longer.

Checking the Oil

Maintaining the proper amount of oil in the engine is the best way to make sure your vehicle has a long life. Show your teen driver where the dipstick is for checking the oil level. Explain how to tell when the oil is ready to be changed. It will be very black as opposed to the golden hue it has when new. If you’re handy and have the appropriate tools and space, you could even show them how to do a simple oil change.

Teaching your teen driver these simple car maintenance procedures will help them stay safe when they’re out on the road. If you need a great first vehicle for your teenager, come in to Autoflex Leasing and take a look at our great selection.