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five thousand dollar test drive!
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$5,000 Test Drive

Test Drive Winners

$5,000 Test Drive!

Here, a scheduled test drive isn't just an opportunity to learn more about a new Toyota or quality pre-owned vehicle from a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly sales consultant, it's your chance to win $5,000! That's right! A scheduled test drive at Mike Johnson's Hickory Toyota could win you $5,000!

Meet Some of Our Past Winners
A test drive is just a test drive... ...unless it's a $5,000 Test Drive at Mike Johnson's Hickory Toyota.

Past Winners

Martin Vences, Rob Collins, Martin Vences, Anita Redman, April Blackwell, Nancy Peck, Melissa Henderson, Eva Pendergrast, Mark Monte, Chris Vaughn, Brandy Chaney, Gertrude Parson, Truman Clemons, Richard Cooper, Albert Brush, Helen Holdren, David Demarco, Edwin Hood, Mrs. Parsons, Richard Cooper, Kenneth Lowman, Leah Triplett, Deborah Cleveland, Robert Pascute, Darlene Johnson, James Deviney, Jim Yount Dale, Devine Donald, Diane Taylor, Brian Gillette, Doug Young