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Cabin Air Filter

Replace Your Cabin's Air Filter At Mike Johnsons Hickory Toyota

cabin air filter

Your Toyota Camry cabin’s air filter works hard to keep undesirables particles such as soot, dust and pollen out of your cabin. It’s an essential part of promoting a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your passengers, and it is a part that needs to be replaced.

Why Do You Need To Replace Your Cabins Air Filter

Just like your engine air filter, your cabin air filter can fill up and become clogged with the very particles it is designed to remove. When plugged, your vehicles HVAC system will have to work twice as hard to function properly. It is vital for the health of you and your vehicle that you replace your cabin air filter every so often.

How Often Should You Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

You should replace your cabin air filter every time you renew your other air filters. Because there is a wide range of different variables that go into when your cabin air filter will need to be changed, we recommend you bring your vehicle into our service team at Mike Johnson’s Hickory Toyota, and we will be happy to find out if your filter needs replacing for you.

Our service team only uses Genuine Toyota Parts so drivers around the Statesville and Morganton, North Carolina area can rest assure that only the very best parts are entering into your Toyota sedan, truck or SUV. We recommend using premium charcoal air filters. These filters neutralize odor and help filter out the harmful pollutions - such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, etc.

Visit With Our Service Team At Mike Johnson’s Hickory Toyota

When you need to maintain your vehicle, our service team at Mike Johnson’s Hickory Toyota is ready to help you keep your car up to date and running right. Whether you need your vehicle's oil changed, or your brakes serviced, our team is highly trained and certified to be able to work on your Toyota sedan, truck or SUV. If you require vehicle service, contact our service team at Mike Johnson’s Hickory Toyota team today!